Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where is the river

 This is the second of two current river songs. It was inspired by a very short commercial spot designed for the Huron River Watershed Council that I saw once that showed cars going by on a road with the question "Where is the River?". The camera then panned down to the ditch by the side of the road and answered the question: "Closer than you think..."

If anyone is interested in writing some of their own water or river songs, and participating in spontaneous public performance this winter, please contact me! I could also imagine some kind of water-themed flash event on public transportation, so if you have ideas, do let me know!

Where is the River


Unidem said...

Mr. Chambers: I'm a Columbus ProMusica supporter, looking forward to your visit next week. While looking at your blog, I took note of your interest in watershed music. (I suggested something comparable to Tim Russell and Janet Chen a couple of years ago.) Meanwhile, I'm wondering whether you're aware of the Confluence Project that the British environmental group Common Ground worked on a decade ago, to produce "New Music for the River Stour."

Evan Chambers said...

Dear Rick-

What an impressive project the river Stour watershed music project looks to have been! Here in my town, the musical side of the project was limited (as far as I know) to my own efforts, but they included a new dance work, as well as a collaboration with the Ann Arbor Symphony, who programmed a new piece of mine (title Watershed) on a series of youth and family concerts...

Thanks for providing the link, and a good model for such efforts--I'll hope to meet you in Columbus!

Evan Chambers said...

Oh--also, you might want to check out a short video from my multimedia dance collaboration Mapping the River on my website--

The piece was created with choreographer Jessica Fogel, poet Keith Taylor, environmental scientist Sara Adlerstein, graphic designer Doug Heseltine, and percussionist Joe Gramley