Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Math II

Substituting Terms, or "freedom" = death

Of course, technology and greed are not the only factors in the larger equation that is presented to us as algebraic truth by our politics and our media, by our pervasive nonsensical “group-think”–

Consider the following terms in use this election season:

If:         freedom ÷ capitalism = “freedom” (since, as we are subject to the markets, our freedom is abridged by them)

And if:     “freedom” = no restraint

And if: “freedom” is equivalent to ‘“freedom” to do business’

It follows that: ‘“freedom” to do business’ is equivalent to unrestrained “freedom”to do

As we reduce the common term “freedom to do” from the equation, it becomes:

Business = unrestrained.

It then follows of course, that since “freedom” = no restraint, and since Business = unrestrained then:

“freedom” = business.

Continuing then:

If:         business = corporations, and business = commerce
Then:         corporations = unrestrained commerce.

And if:      unrestrained commerce = domination of the market

And:        the market = the world (since we routinely collapse all of life down to commodities and exchange value)

And further:         unrestrained = responsible to nothing but profit (remembering that profit = greed)

Then:         “freedom” = unrestrained corporate domination of the world responsible to nothing but greed.

Finally, since it is also true that:      

business = unrestrained commerce = profit = ”freedom”,

And since:     profit = technology x infinite greed, which equals death (see earlier post below),

then by the operations of the capitalist system as we now practice it:

 “freedom” = death.
We can do otherwise. We can create new equations that substitute meaning for profit, and care for the abridged "freedom" offered to us by our dependence on market machinations. We can substitute community for business and commerce, and the work of human hands for technology. Most importantly we can trade in our greed and replace it with love. If we base our economy on love instead of greed, we can all share what we have with open hearts.

We can choose to wake up and step outside the terms of a system that is slowly robbing us of our humanity and killing our planet. If we succeed fully enough in changing the terms of the equation, we can change the result as well.

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